Christopher Sjoblom was born under the neon lights of Las Vegas, Nevada. Son of two people in the communications field, he was bound to be artistic in one way or another.

He started his life in the small town of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, where his father and mother started the town's very first radio station. His parents Lee and Linda began to put the town on the map.

By the age of eleven Christopher had lived in five States. The cultural diversity of each state did not escape him, and there began his observations of life.

With all the moving around, Chris had become gregarious by necessity. He finally decided he wanted to study art and went to college in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Dabbling in general studies, Christopher received a poor grade in an art class during his sophomore year, and subsequently dropped out of college.
His mother and step-father had since moved to Sedona, Arizona where they had met Master Sculptor, Dr. John M. Soderberg and introduced Christopher. Christopher then became Mr. Soderberg's head apprentice for almost three years.
Christopher unfolded into the beautiful world the lost wax method of sculpting. He also participated in an internship with a master mold-maker. Christopher and John Soderberg worked on many monumental pieces together as master and apprentice, including the four monuments that were unveiled at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, California. These are seven and one-half-foot monuments of Billy Graham, Robert Schuller, Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen and Norman Vincent Peale.
Christopher's works range the scale of the human emotion, from immaculate Egyptian pieces, to the whimsical but heart-felt 'Kato', to the deep introspection of 'Crossroads'.

In 1999 Christopher moved to Las Vegas (again), to begin a romance with his best friend of five years.

Married to Elizabeth for three years now, he continues to reside in Las Vegas with his wife, step-son, and fur family of four dogs and two cats.

Christopher sculpts, teaches, and is working on a novel about the Las Vegas Strip.